Set The Mood In Your Home For Halloween

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Autumn is here, and the leaves are starting to turn in the neighborhood. It is time to set a pumpkin out on the front porch, and time to decorate the house for this fun fall holiday. Halloween decorations for the home help to set the mood for your and your little goblins, who can hardly wait for the big night of trick or treating, or perhaps a Halloween party at your home.

Halloween home decorations help to get you and your children and grandchildren into the holiday spirit. In addition to the traditional autumn squashes, corn stalks and fall leaves, you can also add in some wonderful halloween decorations that are themed after favorite movies about Halloween.

Many families enjoy the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, and now you can find decorations that feature several aspects of your favorite film. Villages such as Halloween Town and Christmas Town are recreated in tabletop decorations. The buildings, which include Jack Skellington's house and Dr. Finkelstein's lab, are designed to light up, giving a mysterious appeal that children (and the child in you) will love. Character figurines are also available. You can get a Jack Skellington figurine, plus others that were featured in this beloved film, and use them throughout your house to set the stage for your Halloween party, or for the enjoyment of trick or treaters that come to your door.

Another fun and spooky film perfect for Halloween is Pirates of the Caribbean, and you will also find several decorations based on this movie. Imagine a sculpture of the island that lights up, or maybe a ship that rocks and has sound and lights for a special effect. Maybe you would like to wear a little of the Pirates memorabilia, and so a ring with a skull and crossed swords might be in order.

Another great way to decorate a bare wall for the holiday is to get Halloween flags. You will find that Disney offers a flag featuring Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck and other Disney characters. It has a purple background to set off the orange pumpkins and bright yellow moon depicted in this fun flag. Mary Engelbreit also has created a lovely Halloween flag with a little vampire in an autumn scene. The frame has a candy corn appeal that you are sure to love.

Websites offering collectibles have these and other Halloween home decorations for your perusal.

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