How to Improve Your Stamina For Less Than $100

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You can spend thousands of dollars on home gym equipment but there are two cardiovascular gadgets that can improve your stamina for less than $100.
This article provides advice on what to consider when buying these gadgets and how to get started with them.
A step A step is nothing more than glorified milk crate but can get you into shape very quickly by providing low-impact, high-intensity aerobic exercise.
Most steps are made of high-density polyethylene or wood and are rectangular in shape.
The better ones have rubber on top to stop you slipping.
Choose one that is lightweight, has non-marking floor pads and has a good-sized stepping surface.
Also, look for a step that can be raised or stacked, to enable you to increase the height of the step.
Use your step to do step-ups, which work nearly every muscle in your legs and also your butt.
To start, raise the step to 10-12 inches in height.
Step up on one step and then bring the other leg up on to the step also.
Then step back down, following with the other leg.
Then simply repeat the process at walking or running pace for 5-10 minutes.
A jump rope Jump ropes offer adults some real fitness benefits.
They strengthen your cardiovascular system, improve your agility, tone your thighs, calves, abdominals, back, chest and shoulders and burn lots of calories.
They can also be used almost anywhere.
Most jump ropes are made of tough, molded plastic, metal wire coated in acrylic or space-age polymers.
These materials help you swing the ropes more quickly and smoothly.
Look out for ropes with soft foam or rubber handles which stop callusing and ones with a ball-bearing-like swivel action between the cord and handles.
Check the rope sizing by standing on the center of the chord and pulling the ends of the rope straight up along your sides.
The handles should just reach your armpits.
Think about buying both a light and a fat-weighted rope.
A light rope is good for developing your skill and agility and ability to jump fast and a fat-weighted rope is good for building upper-body muscular strength.
Like any other exercise it is important to develop good form when using the rope.
Do this by keeping your arms relaxed and slightly bent and keep your upper-body movements to a minimum.
Let you wrists swivel and avoid turning your arms in big circles.
To start with, concentrate on short sets of 30 jumps for a light rope and 5-10 jumps for a heavy rope.
March in place between sets.
Over time, gradually increase the number of sets and jumps per set while reducing the time spent marching.
Being able to jump continuously for 10 minutes or more is the goal.
Steps and jump ropes may be cheap but they are very effective aerobic conditioning gadgets.
By choosing ones that suit your purpose and pocket and by using them in the way described in this article you'll improve your stamina and muscle toning without breaking the bank.

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