Online Rebate Processing - Is Rebate Processing a Scam?

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Online rebate processing is one of the easiest ways to work from home and make money online.
However, there are some people who are questioning if rebate processing is a scam.
This article will summarize the rebate processing jobs opportunity and reveal to the readers if this online job is a scam or legitimate.
Rebate processing allows you to work by processing rebates at home.
Your job title is known as a "rebate processor", and your basic day will consist of receiving and verifying customer information and sending rebates to those customers.
This may sound boring, but the freedom you have in this job is unlike any other.
You can work when you want, for as long as you want.
There is no set hours you have to work.
This opportunity is not a scam.
Just think about it.
There are such things called rebates, so that must mean there are people that have to process them.
It is a legitimate way to work from home and earn money online.
You will be paid $15 per rebate you process, and most rebate processors claim they can process about five rebates every hour.
Do the math and that is $75 per hour.
That beats most day jobs by a long shot.
Recently, there has been a sudden surge in interest for rebate processors.
Due to this, there are only a few more spots open for online rebate processing.
If you think you would like to get started in rebate processing, you should secure your spot today.

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