The Best Party Island in Greece

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    Day Party

    • During the day, the party on Mykonos is definitely on the beach. Whether you're at Paradise Beach or Super Paradise Beach, you can't miss out on a good time in the sun. In fact, it gets so hot that the general rule is: the less clothing you wear, the more fun you'll have. Mykonos is famous for nude sunbathing and swimming in the buff. Some particularly relaxed revelers even play volleyball naked.

    Night Party

    • After a day playing on the beach, the party really begins. Don't bother to show up before 11 p.m. to any clubs. It's only after that that things get rocking. Take a nap or have a long dinner first, and then get ready for the nightly festivities. On Mykonos, the dancing and carousing continues until the sun comes up.

    Sleeping on the Beach

    • The early morning is reserved for sleeping on the beach. Many partygoers never make it back to their bungalows since the island's bus system shuts down way before the parties do. So when in Mykonos, do like the Greeks do and pass out on the nice, cool sand before you start again with the next day's party.


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