Common Diseases Attacking the Aquarium Fish

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There are a number of diseases which can affect the aquarium fish.
Most of these diseases are due to infections.
Here are some of the common diseases - 1.
Fish Ich - This is a common disease.
Aquarium fish catches this disease due to contaminated water.
The worst thing about this disease is - there are no visible signs.
If the fish is healthy, it will try to prevent this disease.
However if the fish is under stress or it is already suffering from another disease, the ich will easily gain control over the fish.
It works very fast.
In a short period of time, it will cover the entire body of the fish and it will also contaminate the aquarium water.
As the water gets polluted, the entire aquarium population is under the risk.
Once the body of the fish is infected, it will start damaging its breathing system.
The fish will isolate and in a short time will die.
Fish lice - They are considered as the largest parasites in the world of animals.
They are about half an inch in size and can be easily seen by naked eye.
They are very dangerous for the fish as they will stick to the skin of the fish and suck the fluids from its body.
Soon, the fish will look pale and die.
You can easily identify the lice if you observe your fish carefully.
You should routinely inspect your fish in the areas under its fins which is not visible.
Sometimes, the lice look like dark spots on the fish.
If there are lice on the body, the fish will move the body quickly for a number of times and it will look agitated.
Bacterial infections - It is considered as the major headache in all the fish community.
The bacteria will attack the fish from outside, but soon it will enter its body through the skin.
It will soon start damaging the internal organs and the fish will be quickly succumbed to death.
Fin rot is one of the most common bacterial diseases.
The fins of the fish are infected and through the fins the bacteria get into its body.
Then it is turned into systemic infection.
Bacterial infections can also lead to ulcers on the body of the fish.
They can be easily noticed if you observe the fish carefully.
Cichlids usually catch this infections quickly.
Flukes - These are the parasites which are considered harmless if they are small in numbers but if there population increases, they can be dangerous.
They are very small and cannot be seen with the naked eye.
They will hook themselves on the body of the fish.
Then they will start sucking the fluids.
You can compare them with the bedbugs! They can multiply very fast and if you are late, they will cover the entire body of the fish as well as the entire population and the aquarium is at risk.
These parasites are difficult to control.
One fluke requires only one fish to complete its life-cycle, so it will grow very easily.
Treatment with formalin can work for controlling flukes.

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