5 Free Ways To Promote Affiliate Products

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One of the fastest and easiest ways to get started in internet marketing is to join some affiliate programs.
Many beginning affiliates join some programs and then rush over to Google and start an AdWords pay per click program.
They end up losing their shirts on the pay per click fees and never make any affiliate commissions.
If you really want to start affiliate marketing without incurring any costs you need to use free methods to promote.
Here are five.
Send to your list.
If you have a mailing list that you have been sending emails to, then the easiest thing in the world is to send an email promoting the product to that list.
Your list should trust and believe in you otherwise they wouldn't still be on your list.
With that trust it should be easy to convert some of your list to buyers for your promoted product.
If you are starting out, most likely, you have no list to send to so the next four promotion ideas do not require a list.
Promote through a blog.
Blogging has become the most popular medium on the internet.
As such there are a number of great sites where you can set up a blog for free.
Wordpress and Blogger are two of the best.
Get a free blog set up.
Write a review and your recommendation concerning the affiliate product you are promoting.
Use notification services such as pingomatic to tell the world your blog is there.
Use Delicious, Technorati and stumbleupon to announce your blog for additional traffic.
Write a review.
You can use the same review you wrote for your blog, and post the review at article directories that allow reviews.
Make sure you include your affiliate link in the resource box.
Set up a lens a Squidoo.
You can set up a lens (which is what Squidoo calls a page), with a review of the product.
Again, you can use the same review.
Reviews can give you a lot of mileage.
Get your friends to vote for your lens to move it up on the Sqidoo most popular lists.
Join forums and post comments Join forums where you can post comments discussing issues related to the affiliate product.
Put your affiliate link in as part of your signature at the bottom of all of your posts.
There are thousands of forums available to you.
The more forums you go to and the more posts you make, the more commission you will end up with.
Now you have information that can get you started in promoting your affiliate products.
All of the promotion ideas listed here can be done for no cost.
You will not go into debt using these methods.
It will require an investment in time to do it right.
The more time you invest, the greater will be your reward.

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