Filing Your First Accident Compensation Claim

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 An accident can happen at any given moment, regardless if you're a defensive driver or quite an adventurous one.
 With a car crash looming just around the corner, having your car insured is a certain advantage.
 You may not have to pay for anything, especially if you're not at fault for the accident.
 Just file your insurance claim properly and you can enjoy its benefits.
  Know the Coverage In the event of an accident, before you start demanding stuff from the insurance company, better know the areas covered by your insurance.
 A Road Traffic Act Only insurance does not cover hospitalization fees, plus its coverage is limited to about a quarter million pounds.
 A Third Party Only insurance, on the other hand, is quite comprehensive, covering treatment fees, repairs, and damages.
 If you opted for extra coverage, nearly every aspect of the accident is covered.
  Inform the Authorities about the Accident In accidents, the police not only deliver justice, they also have perhaps the most important document for gathering insurance claims - the police report.
 Officers will do a little fact finding to check the damage and who's at fault for the accident.
 Provide the information asked from you by the officer then secure the name, contact number, and the license plate of the other party.
 After gathering all the necessary information, a police report will be created.
 Inform your insurance company once the report is ready.
Call the Insurance Company Give your insurance company a call once the police report has been filed, or even sooner.
 Inform them about the accident, so they'll have enough time to process the incident and prepare the corresponding funds.
 If the other party is proven to be at fault, as stated on the police's findings, you should contact his or her insurance company.
 Tell them that you're filing for damages and other inconveniences that led you to lose income.
 Provide them all the necessary information, including some of the details of the police report.
  Reap Your Insurance Benefits With all the reports and information exchanged, the insurance companies will release funds, which correspond to your insurance coverage and the damages you filed.
 You may need to bring your car to a repair shop, depending on the stipulations of your insurance.
 But that's okay, since everything will be paid for.
 Sit back and relax until the collectibles arrive.
  You'll Get Used to It Filing your very first accident compensation claim may seem like a daunting task, initially.
 But once you get accustomed to the procedures, you can make a claim in no time.

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