How to Tie a Shawl

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    • 1). Fold your shawl into a triangular shape. Drape the folded shawl over your shoulders, allowing the ends to hang down in front of you. Grasp the shawl ends into your hands and tie them together one over the other at center front. You can repeat this tying step to create a knot that will hold in place.

    • 2). Fold the shawl in half width-wise. Wrap the folded scarf around your neck. Take the loose ends together in one hand and pull them through the looped end. This will create an Ascot-inspired look that can be quite chic.

    • 3). Fold the shawl lengthwise as thin or widely as you desire. Wrap the folded shawl around your neck allowing the ends to hang down your front. Overlap the ends and pull one end up and through to tie the shawl. Leave the ends loose so they may flow with your movements.

    • 4). Drape the unfolded shawl over the front of you like a blanket, allowing the ends to drape over your shoulders and down your back. Tie the ends together loosely at center back, creating a draped effect.

    • 5). Rotate the tie up to the shoulder, allowing the shawl to drape about your body quite dramatically.

    • 6). Tie the shawl at the waist or hip area to create a wide belt or sarong look over a skirt or pants. For a belted look, fold the scarf lengthwise until you have created the desired width. Wrap the shawl around the waist and tie either at the side, front or back, whichever you prefer.

    • 7). Fold the shawl in a triangular fashion (see Step 1), then wrap the shawl around the hip area, tying it at your side. Repeat the tying to create a knot to hold the shawl in place as you move about. This will create a sarong-like look.

    • 8). Fold the shawl into a triangular shape (see Step 1). Drape the folded shawl over your head, allowing it to fall about your shoulders and back. Take the two loose ends of the shawl and tie them together loosely under your chin, or overlap them, wrapping the ends around your neck then tying the ends at the back of your neck. This technique creates a very glamorous, Grace Kelly look.


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