How to Repair a Loose Key Cap on a Toshiba

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    • 1). Power off your laptop and open the display so that you can easily access the keyboard.

    • 2). Use the tip of your flat-head screwdriver to pop any loose keys off of the keyboard. Turn a key upside down and you will notice plastic components inside.

    • 3). Use the tip of your screwdriver to pop the components out of the inside of the key. You should have two halves of a key hinge and rubber spring.

    • 4). Fit one half of the key hinge over one side of the empty key space, making sure the hooks on the hinge connect securely to the tabs in the key space.

    • 5). Fit the other half of the key hinge in the remaining portion of the key space.

    • 6). Place the rubber spring in the center of the key hinge.

    • 7). Place the key over the spring and hinge and press gently down until the key snaps securely in place. Repeat the steps with any other keys you have removed.


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