How to Post a Website on the Internet

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    • 1). Make a list of unique domain names that describe you, your service or your company. Open your Web browser and go to any of the following websites and purchase a domain name and a web hosting package for your new website: GoDaddy, HostGator and Network Solutions. After you sign up, your host will send you information to your inbox about your domain name, email, and FTP information for your web hosting server.

    • 2). Once you have your domain name and host set up, it's time to plan and create your website, if you know HTML and web page design you can use programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web or Coffee Cup to design your new website. You can find expandable open source blog and web site templates at WordPress. You can hire a web designer to do it for you or you can purchase a readymade template and customize.

    • 3). Download an FTP program to upload your website. An FTP program enables you to upload your website files on your computer to your web host server on the Internet. Open your web browser and go to any of the following websites: FileZilla, SmartFTP or WS FTP Pro. Download the FTP program and install it on your computer.

    • 4). Configure your FTP program. Open your FTP program. Go to the section where you can setup a new host connection in your FTP program and use the information that was emailed to your inbox and setup your FTP program. Make sure to enter your FTP server name, folder path, username and password.

    • 5). Upload your website using FTP. Establish a connection with your FTP server, locate your website files on your computer and upload them using FTP. Make sure you have your index.html page in your upload. The index.html page is set as your website's homepage by default.

    • 6). Point your domain name DNS settings to the host server. Use the information that was emailed to you pertaining to your domain and log into your domain's control panel and change its DNS settings to point to your Web host's server.

    • 7). Open your Web browser, type your Web address in the search box and click "Search." You should now see your new website posted on the Internet.


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