The Balance of Conscious and Unconscious Mind

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"As Below, so above.
As above, so below"
- Hermes Trismegistus- The universe is in balance (above).
You (the mini universe) in not (below) yet.
To achieve balance for YOU.
Conscious Mind = Unconscious Mind.
The universe is expanding or contracting, it does because it is in balance and hence its pulse of life exist as flood and ebb, flowing with life.
Like the heart beat, it expand and contracts, because the heart is balanced, else the heart would have exploded, so is the universe, in balance.
We on the other hand, the microcosm of the macrocosm of the universe are imbalance, we get confused and uncertainty hence the rhythm of life cannot be executed in harmony with peace like the universe.
The missing element for balance within each of us is 'balance'.
The balance between what? The balance between 'conscious mind' and 'unconscious mind'.
Many times we get into situations in life events that gets too difficult, too much stress, we tend to 'walk away from', or 'run away' from it instead of confronting it and complete it.
Be it successful or failure, we tend to walk away without seeing the ending on a conscious level.
You see it is not about being 'successful or failure' that matters in the end for balance, it is the 'completing' of the event that matters, that put the 'u-niverse in balance'.
The conscious mind is to know what is the 'ending', 'the completion' of that which it had been presented with, instead of just walking away from it, for the 'unconscious mind' had recorded it as a 'beginning' without an 'ending', which means an 'incompletion'.
This is what causes the 'imbalance', the conscious mind did not know the ending, the unconscious mind had 'registered the event and awaiting for completion.
In other words, the unconscious is not balanced with the conscious mind.
It is this imbalance that causes us to be off-balance with self.
A huge imbalance, a huge imbalance.
For every incompletion, imbalance adds up on one side of the scale to tip it over to end its harmonic rhythm of life, the flow is hampered.
We, as human beings has to stop with the 'favoritism mentality' or some calls it 'discrimination mentality'.
Where we only want to experience that which is good and ignore the bad, this discrimination created the 'imbalance' in life.
We begin an event, but along the way, the stress built up and we think it is not in our favor, we walk away from completing the experience in life...
This leaves a 'mark' in the unconscious mind, for the unconscious mind needs completion, be it 'good or bad', it needs an ending.
Whether the conscious mind knows it or not, it too, needs completion for the balance to be returned for health, wealth and wisdom.
Many know the saying, you must experience the rain in order to appreciate the sun.
So it is with life, many wants only the 'happy', 'good' events in life and runs away from the 'sad', 'bad' events in life.
This is okay, only this, you are to COMPLETE the event, a beginning and an end so that you can see and judge the event, many fails to complete and judge its' ending in life.
Acceptance of the event, experience it and complete it! This is how we can have a balanced life, one that allows conscious mind = unconscious mind, for health, wealth and wisdom.
Be it good or bad, favorable or unfavorable.
We need to experience it and 'take responsibility for it' to completion.
Many as many knows, we take the credit and 'blame the debit' on someone else.
We are practicing 'discrimination on life', this favoritism mentality if continued will eventually lead to chaos, or some would call it 'backfire' on the one executing the favoritism, it always happens, only a matter of time, for the unconscious mind knows and is always reminding the conscious mind to return and complete what is has began.
With the discriminating mentality, success is but short term for the fall of the temporary success will reveal it self sooner or later.
With the balanced mind, success will be seen in the long term, even thought the short term seems unfavorable, but time will unfold its hidden treasures to those who take a balanced path to life, experience and accept life as a responsible person, for wealth, health, wisdom is beyond the short term challenge being confronted when one takes responsibility for the experience of life! When conscious = unconscious, temporary setback but long term abundance for health, wealth and wisdom.
When conscious =/ (not) unconscious, temporary success, but long term failure in wealth, health and death imminent! Many times, the imbalance is due to our 'ego' or so call, 'intelligence' that prevent us from experiencing life in a balanced way, but a discriminating way.
When we learned to 'listen' to our unconscious mind, we begin to live a healthy life and with health, wealth comes along as the responsible person is wanted by everyone in society.
Many however, when the unconscious mind tells us to rest, we say no, later, we push the unconscious mind beyond what it is ready to handle which later causes the unconscious mind to break down, hence the health issue arises.
Why do we stop listening to our unconscious mind for rest? Because we 'want more', we know best consciously, all others can take a number and wait.
Our unconscious mind is here to help us, when we ask someone who helps us to wait, it is only a matter of time the helper will leave us.
So listen to the unconscious mind so that we can have a balanced life.
Where the conscious = unconscious mind.
Which lead to health, wealth and wisdom, as time unfolds to reveal to us the treasures of life!

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