3 Great Cheap Date Ideas

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If you're on a budget but in need of impressing a date, I have good news for you.
It's often the thought that goes into the date, not the amount of money spent.
Having said that, there are many ways that you can impress your date and show her a great time for a small amount of money.
No need to break the bank as long as you plan these out right.
Anyway, here are three ideas if you're short on inspiration.
I hope these help you out.
Board game night.
Girls love board games, and by planning a night around this with two or three different games, you can easily give her a great night.
Play some of the games that you know she might enjoy, and see if you can get some information on those in advance without letting her on to your plan.
Rent a movie and cook dinner.
This is a very traditional one, but one that shouldn't cost you more than about $15 when all is said and done.
Whether you're picking up the movie on your own or ordering it off of TV, this is a great, cozy way to enjoy a date.
The fact that you prepared a meal for her will win you bonus points.
Play a sport together.
Tennis is one great idea, or go for a run.
Any of these things cost nothing and happen to be great, enjoyable physical activities.
Try it out and she'll be sure to appreciate the thought.

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