Tricks for Rev"ing Up the Crowd When Opening for a Big Band

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In the music business, it is important for the big bands to get out on the road and to do shows if they want to sell their CDs and music.
And in doing so they have to put on one heck of a show, thus, the music industry realizes that they need really good opening bands to rev up the crowd and get everyone excited prior to the main show - to get everyone in the mood so to speak.
And this is where tricks of the trade come in.
There are a lot of dynamics that go through the minds of the fans waiting for the band they've come to see.
The opening band needs to talk with the audience get them jazzed, and rev them up.
They need to involve the audience in singing along, and building up their suspense and emotions.
When this is done right it is incredible, and it is done wrong it surely shows.
When it's done wrong, the audience is almost at the point of sheer boredom by the time the real and comes out, and they are emotionally drained.
That's not what you want.
An opening band needs to play songs which are well known to a larger audience, and of a similar venue but perhaps of a different era.
Songs that people know the words to, or new songs they've created which are unique, and allows them to test their music on a new audience.
Of course if their music sucks, this is a detriment, especially if they play many songs back-to-back, which no one knows the words to.
The opening band plays a significant part in the overall ambience and experience of the fans.
If the fans are happy with the opening band, they are liable to buy more tickets in the future for other big bands, if they feel bored, and tired from standing on their feet, listening to bands they don't care about, they're not likely to take away a positive experience or by future tickets, and thus it hurts the entire music industry, and not just that band, or that opening band.
Indeed I hope you please will consider all this and see my point of contention.
Think on it.

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