The Questions You Must Ask Every Tenant

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Now it's time to maximise those all important viewings which will LET your property within the 20 day deadline.
After all NO viewings and the best looking property on the block priced and presented correctly will sit empty! When a tenant calls about the property there is a few 'key' things you must ask them first before rushing off in excitement and taking them to view your property.
THE QUESTIONS YOU MUST ASK EVERY TENANT? Before rushing out and showing the first tenant who calls you must ask the following 'key' questions first, it will help you maximise the potential of the viewing and stop you wasting your time showing the wrong type of tenants your property...
ARE YOU FULL TIME EMPLOYED AT THE MOMENT? This may sound obvious but a lot of people looking at your property may be employed part-time or on maternity leave so it would be of interest to understand their situation first ARE YOU A STUDENT OR ON HOUSING BENEFIT? Depending on your property type and preference you may have decided that the property is not suitable for student accommodation but you would be open to considering anyone on the local housing allowance.
Again a quick check here and you know what next to ask.
ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED PROPERTY? Tenants don't always read our property adverts as well as we do and very often mix properties up with each other and then turn up to viewings and say something like "Oh I thought it was a completely unfurnished property as that's what I am looking for".
Check this kind of detail.
ARE YOU A SMOKER AND DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS? Again these facts may be important to you and want to make sure any potential tenant is aware of this.
WHEN ARE YOU LOOKING TO MOVE BY? This question will stop you from wasting your time more than anything else! Tenants often begin searching 4-8 weeks ahead of their move, so if your property is available now then waiting 2 months for your tenancy to start will not be appropriate and cost you more money in extra void periods.
CONFIRM EVERY VIEWING APPROX 30 MINUTES BEFORE! Remember to call or text the tenants at least half an hour before you make your way to the property to double check they can still make it.
'No-shows' as they are called in the letting business are really frustrating as well as wasted time.

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