Have Multiple Streams of Income to Find Online Success

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In most offline jobs it is important to focus on the one job that you have and do it well.
Online success depends on multiple streams of income.
These are not multiple jobs, but several different ways to bring income from the web.
Let's look at some ways that this can work.
Some people who try to make money online - often beginners - try to join every opportunity that comes across their mail box.
They know the phrase, "multiple streams of income" and think this is how to go about it.
Unfortunately, this is more like the offline person who tries to get multiple jobs.
Though sometimes the successful online marketer will have what seems to be very different sources for their income, usually the variety will have some common theme that allows them to dovetail and work together.
If you are promoting a simple program that requires many signups, you might also encourage the people who have already signed up with you to join a list-building program, or maybe become members of an advertising program that you are a member of.
You want to be a member of these programs first so you can get a commission from each person that you send, but there already you have two or three streams of income, all centered around your original program.
If you do join another program, try to find some connection with your original program - some connection that will be of a benefit to the new members.
Offer membership in your original program as a service to the new program members.
You can also offer them membership in your list-builder program and your advertising program.
And you have added another stream of income.
Maybe you come across an eBook that can help people with their advertising or marketing efforts and has significant value.
You might sell this eBook and then refer the people who buy to your other programs.
Do you see how this can build? It is not wise to build a network of disjointed ventures, but rather get them all working together.
One of the keys to success is to have an attractive primary program that people want to join.
Another essential ingredient will be an autoresponder.
This will allow you to set up a series of follow-up email campaigns that will help sell your other products.
When everything is working together well, you will have multiple streams of income working toward your success.

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