Five Steps to Great SEO Content

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Businesses small and large are using SEO content as a way of boosting their online hits, and in turn their sales.
More and more customers check out the internet for information before they make a decision about purchasing a product or service.
When your website has good SEO practices in place, you can boost your business, giving it the best chance to snare your customer before your opposition does.
Making small changes to your website can make a big difference to your Google ranking and doesn't have to cost a lot of money.
SEO copywriting is the first step to a search engine friendly site.
Here are five easy steps to make sure your web copy is getting you the highest amount of hits possible.
Find Out Your Current Ranking How do you fare on search engines at the moment? Check out Yahoo!, Google and Bing to see how your website is ranking.
Try to identify where you come up in rankings using different keywords.
Identify Your Keywords The Google Keyword Search Tool is a great way of finding out what customers are putting into search engines.
There are also other subscription services available to help you find out what the best keywords are for your business, or alternatively you can hire an SEO copywriter to do the hard yards for you.
Make Changes To Your Web Copy Once you have identified key terms and phrases its time to include SEO content in your web copy.
This doesn't mean that you should repeat them 15 times over on every page.
The Google algorithm will see right through you and so will your customers.
Never include more than 3 keywords to a page and don't repeat them more than twice.
Good writing will ensure that related keywords appear in the text organically.
Tidy Up Your HTML The Title Tags and Meta tags that you use can have a big impact on your search engine rankings.
Some search engines will also display meta tags to surfers that are scanning through results, well written tags equal more clicks.
Write Content That is Engaging Of course, the SEO copywriting on your website should be excellent.
Search engine optimization may attract clicks, but good copywriting can turn them into sales.
Be wary of the black hat strategist.
Black hat techniques are the spam of SEO.
They may work in the short term, but Google which catch on to your tricks and your ranking will eventually dwindle.
Customers will detect techniques like keyword stuffing, even if they don't know exactly what is going on your company will look cheap and downright dodgy.
Instead, rely on organic SEO techniques that will build your hits and ranking over time.
Fill your website with engaging content that is interesting to read.
Offer your customers a reason to stay on your website like useful information or fresh content.
Consider the services of an seo copywriter if you don't feel comfortable doing this yourself.

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