What Is a Shredder Used for in Making Sauerkraut?

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    • A vegetable shredder usually consists of a sharp blade mounted inside a plastic plate. The plate fits like a lid atop a container. When the cabbage is run across the blade, shreds are cut and fall into the container. Shredders are easily obtained at kitchen or discount stores for as little as $25 as of 2010.

    Food Processor

    Knife and Cutting Board

    • Knife and cutting board.lcouteau sur la planche image by Thomas Bertin from Fotolia.com

      You can also use a sharp knife and cutting board to shred cabbage for sauerkraut. Cut the head of cabbage in half and remove the core. Place the cabbage on the cutting board one half at a time, holding it with one hand and slicing it thinly with the knife. The Gluten Free Cooking School notes that this is usually the least expensive way to shred cabbage.


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