How to Troubleshoot a Samson Expedition Express

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  • 1). Check the power cord on your Samson Expedition Express. The power cord should be plugged into the "AC In" plug on your Expedition Express.

  • 2). Check the "Line in" microphone connection if you are using a microphone. If you are using a standard audio cable for PAs, check the "CH1" input. Adjust the "High" and "Low" settings on the channel you are using if the sound is not coming through.

  • 3). Adjust the "Main Volume" knob on the front of the Expedition Express if you aren't getting any sound from your PA. Check the cords plugged into your Microphone or your digital instrument if you are using them. Make sure there are no frays in the cables. Replace the cables if needed.

  • 4). Use the "Balance" controls to balance the sounds coming through the PA. Turn off or configure the DSP effects processor from the control panel if you are getting too much treble or bass.

  • 5). Turn down the channel volume on your control panel if the "Limiter LED" is flashing. This is a limiter that limits the output volume due to overload.


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