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About WickedLocal:
WickedLocal.com features content from 158 local community websites in Eastern Massachusetts, spanning from Ipswich to the north and Nantucket and Provincetown to the south and east.

WickedLocal provides news stories to all of the large and smaller communities along the eastern border of Massachusetts. WickedLocal daily papers include: The Enterprise, The Herald News, MetroWest Daily, News Milford Daily News, Patriot Ledger, and Taunton Gazette


Wicked Local provides opportunities for students interested in multimedia news - print and online. Students interning for Wicked Local get a chance to learn the ropes by working alongside professional editors in the field. Each student is assigned a mentor who will teach them the fundamentals of working in multimedia. In addition, students are given a chance to take part in training workshops that will help them to achieve their career potential as budding news writers, photographers, and/or videographers in the field.

Wicked Local offers 7 sections overall, including: News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sports, Opinions, Videos, and Galleries.

As one previous Wicked Local intern describes:

“My internship has been extremely valuable — in a lot of practical ways, such as substantially building my resume and portfolio and giving me a well-rounded experience reporting for different situations, as well as giving me a broad perception of what being a reporter fully entails,” said Emily Royalty, who interned in spring 2012 when she was a senior at Fitchburg State University."

“One of the most appreciated aspects is being able to interact with people in the field and really get a sense of what it’s about — the atmosphere, the schedule, the different perspectives pertaining to the job. It’s also given me a lot more confidence in skills I was lacking, such as being able to approach or cold call people, know what important questions to ask, and to write effective and well-reported stories.”

Students must be eligible for college credit to intern at Wicked Local and all internships are unpaid.

To learn more, you can visit Wicked Local on https://twitter.com/wickedlocal Twitter.

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