Merger of Profit and Self Rediscovery

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I was retired after a successful career in General and Financial Management roles, both domestically and internationally, but I was restless.
I knew I had to find a way to escape this feeling of malaise.
Although I do enjoy it occasionally, there is only so much golf one can play! After a life of constant activity, both within and without my business life, I wanted be "involved" again.
Let me explain that I am Treasurer of our homeowners association, our church and perform the occasional duty helping my musician son distribute his CD's but I knew that I had so much more to offer.
In short I wanted to create something and, true to my capitalistic vision which was the main reason we moved to the United States, to do so profitably.
I started to look for something meaningful to do at home which could also provide some additional income which would allow my wife and me a little more financial freedom to travel more.
We also wanted to assist our children with their student loan load and to donate more to our church.
After conducting a significant amount of research on the web I was getting discouraged.
Most of what I was finding promised incredible income results from little effort, no training and no meaningful support.
Some of the opportunities involved overpriced products with dubious claims that I really could not get behind.
Integrity appeared to be a rare commodity.
I would recommend however to persevere and you will eventually find an organization with whom you will be compatible.
In my view what you will be looking for is an organization that is well established and has a great system of marketing education and back up resources.
You must always look for an opportunity to achieve significant income potential and residuals but where they clearly state that there are no guarantees of significant income, again that thing called INTEGRITY!! However you will find that once you have found an organization compatible with your ethics and goals everything is achievable, if you are willing to put in the time and effort and you properly utilize the training and support which should be there.
Further advise would be to make sure that you are not putting too much money at risk up front.
There should be some guarantee that, if after a reasonable time you find that the opportunity is not for you then a refund would be forthcoming.
Make sure that you utilize this period of time wisely to ensure that you are satisfied with the opportunity, training and support.
While I had had corporate roles where Marketing was under my supervision I really had never had to market anything personally.
The training and support aspects were really critical to me.
The result of this review time period should give you sufficient confidence in the organization and and should give you the impetus to complete your enrollment.
I am confident that by associating yourself, like me, with the right organizations, you can be on your way to achieving your goals.
Whether you are like me starting another career, just starting out, or simply someone who is tired of the rat race, the commute, office politics, etc.
, or who just wants to supplement his income, I would urge you to take a look, cautiously of course, at any and all opportunities, in order to free yourself from your own self-imposed bonds! Finally, let me wish you all good fortune as you embark on your new adventure, for that is what it is.
Let me also say that you should realize and celebrate the fact that you are among the few who are willing to take such steps.
See you at the top!!

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