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Generally, society make us think that being single is being doomed or, an unwanted situation for a low self esteem nerd, or judge you with "you-must-have-a-problem" label if you are not in a relationship.
We imagine that we are automatically miserable if we hop into single hood.
Think again! Here is a refresher on the advantages of being single: You can take a nap.
A power nap! You can watch TV and at the same time, listen to the radio You can snooze as much as you want the wakeup alarm You can use all of the hot water.
It's all yours.
No gifts to buy for the In-laws at Christmas You have sole proprietorship of the remote control.
You can quit your job now, go home, relax and enjoy.
You're clothes are always intact coming out of the laundry On Saturdays, you decide at what time you leave the house to do the errands Being quiet can be so much fun When a Hot Cutie asks you "Are you single?", you don't feel pressured to lie You can stay a little bit later at work with no guilt or pressure You can leave for a last minute vacation with a buddy You sleep better - Snore as loud as you want.
Your worst argument will be "Cereals or Take Out tonight?" When taking money out of the banking machine, you won't have to justify it to the "Home Head Committee" The bathroom is all yours - 24 hours a day! You can repeat that favorite song over and over and over again.
Only the neighbors will go crazy.
Frank or Lisa can come over.
Nobody will complain.
You will not hear "Geese...
you're grumpy this morning!" You can watch TV night until your morning newspaper arrives You can wash the dishes when you feel motivated No worrying on "Do you love me"? Always have a fresh exciting dating life; nothing compares to the excitement ofa firstdate! ..
maybe Singles should feel sorry for all of those unhappy married people.
After all, why be miserable when you can be happy? Go on and be fantastically and happily Single.

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