How to Find Scrim

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    • 1). Identify the scrim that you will need. Scrim has a loose, perpendicular weave to it that is like a grid. It is lightweight and gossamer and, when lit from behind, becomes almost transparent. When lit from an angle, however, it appears opaque. Scrim is made of cotton, so you will either see it in its natural cotton color, a yellowish tan, or bleached white.

    • 2). Look in your local fabric store. You should be able to easily locate scrim in any fabric store. This is a good source to get scrim in smaller amounts for projects such as sewing curtains or upholstering.

    • 3). Check an art supply store. If you are planning on using scrim in very small amounts for bookbinding, you can get small strips at most art supply stores in the bookmaking section, along with the acid free PVA glue you will be using to apply the scrim.

    • 4). Buy online. If your local fabric store does not carry scrim or does not have scrim in wide enough dimensions for your desired project, you can order it online. There are many sites that sell large rolls of it at discounted prices. One is the Online Fabric Store (see Resources).


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