Avoid Stress, Live Better

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Money problems, relationship issues, work...
there are many things that cause stress.
Many are unavoidable.
With so many causes, it is easy to try to ignore it, but the longer you put off dealing with your stress, the more it will effect you.
Stress effects the way you think and act and can even damage your body! Some of the short term effects of stress on your body include a faster heartbeat, headaches, stiff muscles and shoulders, back pain, faster breathing, sweating, upset stomach, nausea, and diarrhea.
This isn't including the mental effects.
It can make you quicker to anger and make it hard to manage even the smallest task.
It can become harder to focus and cause you to focus too much on small tasks rather than the big picture, not to mention stress is emotionally exhausting.
The longer you carry excess stress, the worse the effects become.
Long term stress can compromise the immune system, making it harder to stay healthy.
Stress can be very harmful to your heart, causing high blood pressure abnormal heartbeat, blood clots, and more! Ulcers and other stomach problems can be caused or made worse by stress.
This is only a short list of the effects stress can have on your body.
So now that you know what can happen if you don't deal with your stress, how do you deal with it? There are two ways: dealing with stress and avoiding stress.
You cannot always avoid it, but by looking at the things that upset you or stress you out you can avoid unnecessary causes.
Make a list of things that upset you and look at whether or not there are ways to avoid them.
Key things that can help include learning to manage your time and set a schedule better, finding more time to relax, and cutting out some unnecessary stressful activities.
There are many ways to deal with stress.
Some great ways including writing and talking about what is making you stressed, relaxing and doing things you enjoy, meditation, and learning relaxation techniques.
Making positive lifestyle changes can also help.
Eat healthy, quit smoking, don't drink as much, and get exercise.
All of these things will help your body better deal with stress.
Learning to avoid and manage stress can be a struggle.
It can take time to learn to manage your stress properly, but the results are overwhelming.
Stress has a harsh impact on the mind and body.
Learning to deal with your stress can improve the way you feel and your whole outlook on life!

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