How to Pick Black Walnuts

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    • 1). Put on a pair of gloves. If you don't wear gloves during the time you pick up the black walnuts you will end up with dark and dirty hands.

    • 2). Begin picking up the black walnuts that are on the ground. There will be a number of walnuts lying on the ground in green covering--that is called the hull. They will need to be picked up and analyzed for the best selection of black walnuts.

    • 3). Bring several 5-gallon buckets to pick up the black walnuts. Look at them when you pick them up to quickly notice if they are good or not. Some may be too small, while others may have been infested by bugs or are too soft. Select walnuts that are medium to large in size, covered in the hull and are hard.

    • 4). Use a sharp knife to cut off the hull from each black walnut. After all of the walnuts are gathered in buckets you can start cutting off the hulls.

    • 5). Prepare several more buckets filled with water. You will place the uncovered black walnuts into the water in order to clean them. Once you are done removing all of the hulls and the walnuts have sat for at least 30 minutes in water, then empty the water from the buckets and lay the black walnuts out on a table to dry.


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