How to Increase Text Size in HTML

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    • 1). Open the HTML file you wish to edit. If you do not have a specific program for editing HTML, the NotePad utility included in all versions of Windows works fine.

    • 2). Navigate to the text you want to modify. Type "<font size=#>" without the quotes in front of the text. Replace "#" with a number greater than 3 but no larger than 8. As a point of reference, the default text size is 3. You may also add a "+" in front of the number to increase the font size relative to the user's default font. The default text size in most Web browsers is 3, but this is not true on all computers. For example, changing the text size to "+1" would increase the font to 4 in most situations. If the user had a default font size of 2, however, the text size would increase to 3.

    • 3). Type "</font>" without the quotes at the end of the text. This tells your computer where to stop increasing the text size. Save and close the file.


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