What do You Put in Your Condo?

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If you really wish to have more storage in your condo you can install high rise cabinets or wall mounted cabinets so that you can put things in there. But if you do not wish to drill the walls or occupy some floor spaces in your condo (maybe you have other things to put in there), maybe you can settle for an ottoman.

An ottoman is a sofa type (without a backrest) wherein you could put things inside. The lid of the sofa can be opened, so you can stack things inside. The ottoman can serve as sofa for entertaining guests and a storage room for your stuff! Talk about double purpose!

As we all know, dark colors tend to make the room look smaller. If you have light colored wallpapers or white paint on your walls, then congratulations, you just made your condo look bigger. However, when look at your unit, there seems to be something wrong. Oh, those kitchen counters! If you have counters with black granite tops, better call your contractor now and have those removed. Even if you have a large kitchen, the black tops tend to make your kitchen look smaller than its real size. Try to go for a lighter shade of granite if you really want granite for your countertops. Also, you can have Maple wood finishing for your countertops. This light colored wood can surely make your kitchen look bigger.

If you are planning to buy a condo and relocate there for good, might as well look for a unit that has a high roof. If you have been living in a house all your life and decided to get a condo instead because of maintenance or financial issues, then you must keep in mind that condos are generally smaller than your current house. What you can do so that you won't feel anxious about your new home is to look for a unit that has high ceilings. There are a lot of units out there for sale that has this feature. High ceilings normally emanate a much larger space (it's just a matter of tricking what the eyes perceive!). A much higher ceiling too can provide more space for storage. You can put up a high rise cabinet for you to put your knick knacks inside.

Last tip to make sure you are getting your penny's worth is to take a peek at the condo's owner's association. They are the ones who are making the rules of the condo, so you should familiarize yourself with the ones on top. A condo's owner's association will do its very best to maintain the exterior as well as the interior of the condo. Inspecting the condo's ins and outs can be very helpful in determining how good the owner's association is. The sight of a small crack at the corner of the hallway is not a good sign. You might want to look for another one.

Fourth, is for you to weigh in the pros and cons of buying an old one and a new one. Not all old condos are bad; in fact a lot of them are maintained well. Make sure to give the condo you are about to buy an ocular. Photos of the unit on the internet are not enough. Remember, photo editing today is evolving every minute. The condo in the picture might be the same condo you are about to buy, but who knows? Maybe the owner did some color retouches of the photos. Before buying an old condo, make sure that it is well maintained and the environment of the condo building is nice.

Aside from the previous mentioned guidelines before buying a condo, you should also consider the name of the condo you are buying. The name of the developers is the key here. Have you heard of the man named Donald Trump? Oh yes, the ever so famous Donald Trump. Just before he ventured show business, he was a very successful real estate developer.

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