How to Integrate a PDF in Flash CS4

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    • 1). Open Flash CS4. To integrate a PDF into an existing animation, click the "Open" link and browse to the file. Double-click the FLA file. Otherwise, click the "Create New" link.

    • 2). Drag the timeline mover through the timeline to get to the point on the timeline where you want the PDF to appear.

    • 3). Right-click the cell on the timeline and select "Insert Blank Keyframe." Note a hollow circle appears on that spot on the timeline.

    • 4). Click the "File" menu. Click "Import." Click "Import to Stage."

    • 5). Browse to the PDF and double-click its file name. Leave the preset options in the Import Options window as their defaults and click the "OK" button. Depending on the PDF size, it may take a few moments to import the PDF, which then appears on the stage. The hollow circle in the timeline becomes solid.


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