Do You Really Need Disasters to Learn Life Lessons?

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Inertia is one of the most over rated and over used activities. I mean do you ever remember anything or do you ever learn anything unless you have got hit on the head hard. Is it because we are lazy or because it is easier to learn lessons only when we are hit hard and stumble across a challenge in life? All of us are in an inertia mode until we are slapped out it. It is easier to go on with life as is rather than wake up and make a change! But the real question is can we do without disasters striking us before we actually change our self? Do we need these roadblocks and disasters?

Take our health for example – unless we do not get a red slab on our medical report, we do not go to the gym. You understand the value of your relationship only after girlfriend breaks up with you. Why do we turn to God only when disasters strike? In all these cases, we needed a jolt from our stagnant life. Stop taking things for granted. Just as time and tide does not wait for any one, life does not wait for you. It will have its own pace. People need to change and be in line with life`s pace.

Have you noticed that Life`s biggest lessons are learned under duress and when things are rough. When things are prime and pink, people are least bothered. Only when something hits you, lesson is learned and the worst part is, it is soon forgotten once you overcome this disaster! We keep making same mistakes again and again. We need to learn from challenges and mistakes of our life. Effective and successful people do not go looking for problems, but when they get smacked in the mouth, they learn their lessons and emerge stronger!

We are creatures of habit. We keep doing what we are doing until we are forced to change. but remember, universe is giving you signals and gently nudging you in the right direction. Focus on these energies of the universe. Receive them and change accordingly. Only when we ignore these signals, we are slammed with a hammer! Embrace life and learn valuable lessons. D o not hesitate o make mistakes but learn from them and do not repeat those mistakes. We do not need disasters at each step to learn life lessons. We can be focused and alert to break away from inertia and get going in life!

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