Understanding the TF2 Heavy Weapons

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The whole team will be counting on your skill as a Heavy and expecting you to do lots of damage to the enemy.
In order to not disappoint them you do need to use each weapon correctly and to its fullest potential.
As you know, the Heavy carries a shotgun, minigun and fisticuffs.
Below are a few tips for using each of these along with information concerning un-lockable weapons.
Minigun The minigun was designed to be used when close to the enemy or within medium range.
If used over long range it will lose a lot of its accuracy and you will most likely be wasting bullets.
It is very powerful and considered the main weapon for the Heavy but it does have one disadvantage.
When using the minigun you will move even slower than normal making you an easier target for the enemy.
Plus it takes a second for it to spin and fire.
Still, its ability to fire rapidly once it gets started can eliminate many of the enemy very quickly or at the very least hold them off while your teammates strike.
It's also a great weapon to use if you want to ambush your enemy.
Shotgun The shotgun is the alternative weapon for the minigun and should be used only when the minigun is not an option or when you don't have to time to wait for it to rev up.
It is powerful enough to help you defend yourself and take out the enemy especially if they're already weak.
Fists Now you might not think about your fists being a weapon but they can be.
Plus, it can be very entertaining using your fist to take down an enemy.
Using an uppercut can do damage up to 200 points and each punch is recognized as a critical and 100 damage points.
In order to use your fists successfully you do need to be right in front of the enemy and have a great shot with nothing blocking your hit.

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