Cougar and Cub Dating: Does Age really matters?

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Not a very long time, younger men dating older women is a little taboo in the society. However, gone are those days that older women are judged and cursed for dating younger men almost half of their age, and most likely considered as their mother. Older women seeking for younger men is commonly known for its slang term as "Cougars", whose age is above 35 up to 50 and the term we call for younger men seeking older women is "Cubs" considerably more than 7 years younger than the woman.

Who would really care when the heart beats for a younger guy or vice versa? Does age really matters dating someone who does not belong to or within your age bracket? If dating pursues and a relationship begins, will it last a lifetime? While we are used with the traditional and conservative type of dating prior to 1960's genre, nowadays, more and more cougar-cub dating and relationships is increasing and it's already a cliché to blurt out as a topic. How this phenomenon could possibly makes sense? There are obviously some reasons why these two extremes attract despite disparity of age.

Characteristics of the cub and cougar

There is a so-called saying that "life begins at 40s", this is applicable to the formerly married and divorced women who thrive to feel young again and express the girlie heart in them. On the other hand, young men when at their 20s are strong, youthful, aggressive, and adventurous and tend to find someone who could understand and pamper them. Cubs being so spirited and vigorous have the heart of experimenting and dwelling to challenges.  Cougars simply have no insecurities because they are successful, financially stable, and independent and no longer seek someone who can provide them security. Besides, this type of women has loads of wisdom, experience, tact, passion and much to share.

Sexual intimacy

Due to cougar and cub opposite characters, it is somewhat reasonable that they go together. Moreover, they can be a great match because they complement each other. However, the dating trend of an older woman with a younger man is believed to be temporary and it is cored solely to last in bed. Many would say that cubs seek for mature women because of their experience. On one hand, the cougar seek for a younger man to bring out that ageless glow in her. Further, cubs don't care when the cougar date got some baby fats or cellulites because what matters to them is the thrill being satisfied in bed. Hence, older women are great "teachers" rather than women close to their age.

Failed Relationships

Normally, cubs had been into relationships with younger girls or women of their age, but did not work out because younger women are typically demanding, insecure, and naïve. Thus, most young women are highly maintained. Cubs hate it! Whereas, many of the so-called cougars are actually divorced or previously married and hooked being the mother and wife losing their identities. Long before the stardom of cougar-cub dating and relationships, there has been a perception of inequality and discrimination towards married women. However, more and more women are breaking the rules and becoming open and out from their comfort zone. What happened when these women go through divorce? They simply don't want to get through the same stress again that's why they explore and try new things in their life.

Even so, regardless of the reasons why cougars chase the cubs and the cubs hook for cougars, what really matters is they can be a great couple in the making.

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