Relationships and Your Success

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In today's "microwave" society people desire to have what they want fast.
Time is moving faster and patience is being practiced less.
Many people expect things to happen quickly in their lives without first putting in the work.
Modern-day technology like cell phones, internet, and transportation has not helped much neither.
These tools allow us to virtually get in contact with just about anyone, almost instantly.
We don't have to be at home to receive phones calls or even have a home line period.
Even more, we don't have to rush home to check our answering machines for missed calls and messages.
Unlike in the past, we no longer have to wait on letters to travel across the country or for ships to deliver messages across the seas.
With these types of abilities and opportunities we as people have grown less and less personal.
Therefore, we don't value and take for granted the relationships we have access to.
The ability to communicate and meet new people so easily has also lead to serial networking and mediocre connections, and many people don't take the time to cultivate new relationships; not to mention the ones they already have.
This type of activity can be seen in the high spam activity on internet and social network sites.
Upon adding friends on a social network site many people immediately began bombarding them with business proposals and requests without the person's consent or showing of interest.
It is as if they can't or don't have to wait for a more appropriate time.
The only time to suggest business with a person is in either one or two situations: when you have developed a mutual trusting relationship or the other person has shown interest.
Both examples require a genuine connection to be established.
There is no telling why relationships have such a major impact on success, both personal and business.
Referrals, resources, and support all can come from people who have a personal relationship with you.
It is how many businesses start and maintain their businesses; through loyalty and regular interaction.
In order to find true success, in anything that you do, relationship building has to be a key focus.
It can be the difference between being received openly and being openly rejected.

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