Travel With Your Bikes With Thule Parkway

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Thule is a very well-known entity that gives focus on providing safe, easy, and stylish solutions for active people, outdoor, and sports enthusiasts in transporting their gears wherever they want to go.
Thule makes one's life easier in carrying out expedition in life that may be just for fun or for adventure.
One of the products that Thule provides in the market is their many lines of Thule parkway bike hitch rack.
A person, may be all alone or with family and friends and other acquaintances may enjoy biking adventure without any hassle of thinking how the bikes be carried out to a place where they want to go.
Different bike hitch racks are already introduced and popularized by Thule to give more convenience to anyone.
There are many Thule parkway bike hitch racks available in different outlets.
All different types come in different designs, specifications and styles.
They may differ also on the number of bikes the racks can carry on.
Some bike hitch racks can carry two units, three, four units, and even up to five units.
The bike rack can just easily be hooked into one's vehicle's hitch giving a full security in transporting your bikes to any place your want.
The bike rack comes also with different accessories to give more protection to your bikes while on board.
Some comes with dual armed rack.
This has been designed that way to minimize the sway.
It also has built-in anti-rattle to reduce noise while traveling.
One need not worry on possible scratches of bike while on board as some rack has cushioned cradle.
This will give more protection on the paint or coats of your bike while keeping it in place.
This also comes in tilt down design to easy access on rear of vehicle.
When you buy Thule parkway bike hitch rack, this includes strap to rescue the movement of handle bars and wheels.
You may also opt to get Snug Tire lock for a more secure lock.
You can also upgrade your package with Zip Stick accessory which provides more stability for a more convenient and hassle free travel.

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