What Damages Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Houston Texas Help You To Obtain

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A personal injury lawyer Houston Texas works to help victims of negligence or intentional wrongdoing to hold the person who harmed them responsible. Under the law, people cannot just cause injury to one another and get away with it. If someone causes loss or harm, he or she has to pay for that harm. A number of different types of damages are available in personal injury lawsuits to make sure that the victim is fully compensated after an injury, and a personal injury Houston Texas lawyer can help victims to obtain these damages.

Damages in a Houston Personal Injury Lawsuit

Every personal injury claim is different and the damages available will largely depend upon the severity of the injuries. However, some different types of damages that personal injury Houston lawyer may be able to help you to obtain after an accident or injury include:

  1. Compensation for medical bills/costs. This should include all of the medical bills that you have incurred up to the time when you settle with the insurer or when the court awards you damages. It should also include any other medical care you are going to need after the settlement/court case as a result of injuries that you suffered. If you will need ongoing physical therapy or even lifelong medical care, for example, the defendant in a personal injury lawsuit will have to pay for these costs.

  2. Compensation for lost wages or a reduction in earning potential. Often, an injury causes you to miss work. The defendant in a personal injury lawsuit needs to pay you for the money you lost because of the time you were forced to take off. This is typically true even if you used sick time or vacation days to get treated for your injuries. If your injury has made it impossible for you to work or has reduced how much you can make, you should be compensated for that reduction as well, so the defendant should have to pay for all of the wages you have or will lose over your life.

  3. Compensation for pain and suffering. Calculating damages for this can be hard so the more evidence as to the extent of your pain, the better. Some people will keep a pain journal in order to record the suffering they experience.

  4. Compensation for emotional distress. You will need to demonstrate that you suffered some type of emotional problems such as insomnia, post traumatic stress disorder or other issues related to the accident or injury.

  5. Wrongful death damages. These are available to certain family members (such as spouses and minor children) if a defendant's wrongful or negligent actions cause a death.

  6. Loss of companionship. This is a separate damage incurred by the family members (especially the spouse) of a person who is killed or injured in a manner that significantly impacts family members. For instance, the spouse of someone who has become brain damaged as a result of the injuries can typically sue for loss of companionship.

  7. Punitive damages. These are not available in all cases and are intended to punish the defendant when egregious negligence or intentional wrongdoing has taken place.

A personal injury lawyer Houston Texas can help you to get all of these types of damages, as well as other compensation for losses specific to your claim. Contact a personal injury lawyer Houston Texas today to learn more about your legal rights to compensation.

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