Psychology Ethics Courses

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      Psychologists deal with the most intimate aspects of their patients' personal lives and histories. The boundaries between doctor and patient can sometimes become blurred, and psychologists must be aware of the ethical dilemmas inherent in their profession. The American Psychological Association (APA) has an Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct that is regularly amended as new situations arise in the field. Psychological ethics courses should be included as part of basic training, and ongoing seminars and workshops keep professionals up-to-date on these issues.

    Canyon College

    • Students enrolled in this online California-based college may take a course in professional ethics as an elective for the psychology major. Canyon College is accredited by the American Council on Private School Accreditation. When taking the class, students may communicate with the instructor via a virtual message board or by voice chat. Instructors may also be contacted by e-mail, and students should learn each teacher's preferred method of communication.

      Canyon College

      4017 Garfield Ave

      Carmichael, CA 95608


    Indiana University

    • The psychology section of this university's Department of Psychiatry holds an annual workshop on psychology ethics as part of a professional continuing education program. It is designed for those in the field of clinical service delivery. According to the department's website, after completing the course, participants will understand APA ethics codes on treating patients with disabilities and in the pediatric setting. They will be re-acquainted with overall APA ethical policies.

      Indiana University

      School of Medicine

      Department of Psychiatry

      Section of Psychology

      IUPUI Campus Center

      Room CE 409

      420 University Blvd

      Indianapolis, In 46202

      317 274-1224

    University of Pittsburgh

    • A course in ethics in counseling psychology is offered by this Pennsylvania university. The two-credit class focuses on the ethical issues practicing psychologists may encounter. According to the course description, ethical issues arising in doctor-client relationships and professional colleagues are featured. The methodology for dealing with and resolving these issues is examined. The class is designed for those seeking a degree in educational psychology.

      University of Pittsburgh

      School of Education

      5500 Wesley W. Posvar Hall

      230 South Bouquet Street

      Pittsburgh, PA 15260



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