Informatica Course Contents

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Our society is blessed with the latest forms of technology and the latest forms of techno kits as well.
The technology has reduced the work load and the pressure to a great extent.
Along with such a variety of benefits the technology offers to the public, the tech market has even opened a variety of scope for the aspiring students as well.
The students are interested to progress extensively in order to raise their career graph in the field of technology.
A help is offered to such students by the Informatica Corporation.
The Informatica Corporation offers various informatica course programs along with several training classes for the interested candidates.
Informatica Corporation, as we all know is operating in the field of technology for a period of continuous eighteen years now.
The company enjoys a huge turnover and is widely popular amongst the software lovers.
Its popular and the most famous software products like ultra messaging are amongst the well-liked ones.
The company enjoyed a huge turnover of around 500,693 US dollars during the year 2009.
Along with the best of products, the company offers, it even enjoys a great amount of goodwill as well.
Informatica course offered by the organization helps in easy understanding and a detailed knowledge about the software for those who are interested.
Informatica courses are very helpful in understanding the software.
The software must be understood clearly as it offers many advantages and benefits to not only to the users, but the students, businessmen and also to the staff working in these companies.
The software is embedded with various features and advantages that it helps in making the work easier to a great extent and even offers great productivity results for an organization.
With such various benefits, the informatica course can not be ignored easily.
Informatica course covers various related topics which are helpful to the new learners.
The Informatica course contents help the learners gain a confidence and understand the technology market in a better manner.
The Informatica course contents help in offering profound quality of results as well.
The Informatica course contents included in the informatica program include the Data warehousing and the Data integration tools.
How to use both the ingredients together in a well manner is also imparted in the course.
Apart from the two major topics, following are some of the major informatica course contents the training program offers to the new learners: •Data Warehousing Basic Elements of Data Warehousing
  • Source Systems
  • Data Staging Area
  • Facts & Dimensions
  • Data Warehousing & Latency
  • Data Integration
  • Repository server and agent
  • Repository maintenance
  • Repository server administration
  • Repository privileges and folder
  • Metadata extensions
  • Repository sharing, locking and searching
•Source Objects
  • Source types
  • Source properties
•Target Objects
  • Target types
  • Target properties
•Transformation Concepts
  • Transformation types and views
  • Transformation properties and features
  • Expression transformation
  • Informatica functions and data types
  • Mappings components
  • Source qualifier transformations
  • Pre SQL and Post SQL
  • Mapping validation
  • Data flow rules
  • Objects export and import
  • Workflow tools
  • Workflow structure and configurations
  • Workflow tasks
  • Workflow Design and properties

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