Internet Dating Services: Some Tips On How To Use Them

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Internet dating services have been around since the dawn of the Internet. They started as simple message boards, and have now evolved into a very sophisticated means of putting people together.

I remember perusing newspaper ads long ago, as I arrived in a new city in a foreign country, not knowing anybody there. It took me a good amount of patience and persistence on the dating scene until I found a person I had a fulfilling relationship with.

Online dating works much the same as the personals ads in a magazine, except you have a much greater flexibility. Often, internet dating services feature a combo of personal ads and some type of chat function, which means you can browse the ads and then initiate a live chat with those members you find interesting, if they are online.

You then get a quick feeling for who they are, and striking up a conversation is easy if you know something about the person's interests and values. A more shy person may prefer to communicate through e-mail in the beginning. Another advantage of online dating is that it's easy to remain anonymous until you develop a sense of trust in your prospective date.

Well, are there any pitfalls of perusing internet dating services? Women may be worried about their safety, thinking they'll run into Jack the Ripper. Actually, in my view online dating is safer than the traditional ways of hooking up with new people, such as the bar scene. By e-mailing and chatting online you get a feeling for the other person even before meeting them in real life. And of course that first encounter should always happen in a public place such as a coffee shop or restaurant.

From a male viewpoint, a problem with internet dating services is that they tend to have a majority of male members. Traditionally, males are more active seeking contact with the opposite sex and this is reflected in the online dating scene, too. Especially the more explicit type of internet dating services tend to attract men like flies to honey; but unfortunately attract very few women. Unless a man looks like Arnold Schwartzenegger in his heyday; his chances of getting female attention on a "sexy" dating site are virtually zero.

On the other end of the spectrum of internet dating services, a few of the most "family-oriented" ones claim to have mostly female members! Women feel safe in those places, and are attracted to them... Thus, men who want to have a good chance of success finding a mate, are making a wise move if they become members in the latter type of online dating site.

In conclusion: If you approach the online dating scene with a positive attitude while exhibiting caution and common sense, you greatly increase your likelihood of an enjoyable experience. Remember that being honest about who you are always pays off in the long run.

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