Burn victims

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In the last few years there seem to have been many large fires, in night clubs or factories or other large buildings, that have unfortunately killed over hundreds of people in the United States.  These incidents have also left a great many burn victims struggling to put their lives back together after serious and possibly disfiguring injury.  In some cases these have been young people with young families that have lost a family member and may also have another that was severely injured in the same fire.  These families need strength and support to come through it all and so many of them have shown this strength.

A burn victim is many things at the onset of their injuries.  They are in a great amount of pain and need to be provided prescription pain medication.  These victims are very susceptible to infection as the protective skin layers that we all rely on for exterior protection have been burned away.  As any victim of a catastrophic event is, these people are frightened.  They don't know how much of their normal functioning will return as the healing starts.  This victim is of course afraid of losing limbs and also of severe disfigurement.  Some of them may have lost their sight due to these injuries.  They all have suffered the psychological trauma of being suddenly hurt and in severe pain and unsure of the outcome.

Unlike a disease that can creep up on a person with various symptoms slowly appearing, an accident, fire, chemical spill, or other catastrophe is sudden and unexpected and frightening.  A burn victim is initially in shock, both probably medical and psychological.  They first and foremost must get away of the cause of the burning, be it a building fire, electrical accident or automobile fire.  Naturally they need to save themselves if they can and are seriously concerned about all the other people still in danger.  The long term effects of this type of experience on a victim and their family is substantial.  Severe injury alone may cause financial hardship on them all along with continued need for medical treatment and rehabilitation.  The families of these victims need to look for legal help to gain some recompense for so much of what they lost.

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