Re-inventing Social Networking in India through Smart Phones

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With drastic increase of smart phones market share in cell phones market of India, there has been an outstanding growth of online Social Networking in India. Business Analysts world wide believe that its an emerging segment of Internet Marketing or Internet Branding in India with a Billion strong population and ever increasing number of internet users (35 million of which only 7 million are on broadband) that will experience an unmatched growth in the near future, and provides a better platform for Business Owners, Search Marketers, Web Masters, and Internet Marketing companies for aggressively promoting their brands, services in the online social media space, and it would even become a primary source of revenue generation for Business Houses in India.

Nearly a Million new subscribers a month, smart phones could be the next big thing in India. After experiencing high subscription rate of mobile internet services, online social networking could be the next big opportunity in India to look out for by internet service provides, smart phone handset companies, and the mobile application development companies. This has even become a primary topic to do research and analysis for MBA Institute in India.

The smart phone manufacturers in India have already begun thinking more on this aspect of business and are focusing on integrating different social networking platforms/applications like Facebook, Twitter, etc. into their never ending choice of applications available for users where in most of the time these applications come inbuilt with the handset. This works in promotion of three things basically, the initial one would be the social networking itself, the other one will be selling handsets to consumers, and the third one or the fore most one would be getting new subscribers for Mobile Internet.

According to comScore Inc. report in February 2009, social networking websites have seen a bigger growth in India when compared to global standards. Social networking is not just about achieving connectivity among friends on the Internet, but much more than that. With such a high growth in traffic, it is up to people involved in internet related businesses to think out of box and come up with innovative ideas to extend the reach of social networking, to focus more on other prospects of social media which can become a huge revenue generating machine on online space.

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