WordPress Basics: Creating Your Own Membership Site

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Online entrepreneurs are always searching for ways on how they can boost their own revenue. A lot of them have dreamed of owning their own websites, who after a couple of months of constant maintenance, can run on their own and generate quality content while at the same time, establishing a huge revenue stream.

If you want this dream to come true, then you need to have your own membership site. Try to think of something that you are really good at and imagine why and how some people would benefit from what you know and experiences.

Creating and Managing Your Own Membership Site
I've created three membership sites from scratch and before I proceeded with the actual plan, I first mapped out the entire process or scheme for it to be more successful. The membership in my site has grown for the past months and I can say 'I've been extremely lucky.'
I also offer a Free 7-Ecouse--online business starter pack that runs the exact system that I used to create my membership site. The entire tutorial costs less than $170 and that's probably the most that you will spend. I do recognize, however, that not everyone can afford the $170 fee but just to give you an idea, the fist membership site that I create generated $14,000 in its first day.

Here are the things that you will need and will be provided to you for $170:
1. Aweber (email marketing software)
2. Wish List Member (membership software that creates a dynamo out of wordpress)
3. WPEstore (responsible for collecting cash, WordPress Estore plugin)
4. WP Affiliate (manages affiliation, WordPress WP Affiliate Plugin)

I have a handful of videos that will help you install the above software seamlessly. The videos are presented step-by-step so you experience less hassles throughout the entire process.

Once you have all the software installed in your computer, then you can expect gold to pour in. Of course, it took me at least three weeks to get all the software and plugins working together but I will be more than happy to share these information to you because I want you to be your own boss and succeed in your own online business.

I also provide help and support, if you are experiencing difficulty on the entire process. Please contact me via email or post your comment below if you need more help. Of course, it's not enough to just create your own membership site because people need to be directed to your site so you need good and interesting content to attract people to your site. But that's another topic altogether.


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