American Bull Dogs - Friends & Protectors

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American Bull Dogs conjure up images of great power and dominance when their breed is mentioned.
This extremely protective animal makes for not only a great friend, but also the perfect dog for protecting your home and family members.
Among their great qualities, the bull dog is known for its ability to exhibit extreme aggressiveness when needed, while also being very trainable and receptive to training.
Some breeds of dog are so well trained and people-friendly, that they can become so domesticated they will welcome unwanted intruders into your home when you're not around: The American Bull Dog is a breed that in most cases understands that when their owner isn't around, they are to protect your property.
This becomes a great asset when friends become ex-friends and you don't want them on your property (this only applies to their/your home, as they're friendly around strangers when not protecting their domain).
American Bull Dogs also make for excellent trackers and hunting companions.
Their sense of smell and sight are amazing for tracking other animals and birds.
The American breed comes in two different varieties: The Johnson and Scott.
Johnson's are taller and heavier, with a shorter muzzle.
The Scott is a shorter animal, with a slightly longer muzzle.
Both have the same protective qualities and are extremely protective of children or people who are weak.
While some larger breeds of canine are known for heart defects and having their brain outgrow their skull in later years: These Dogs are virtually free from genetic defects and tend to live well beyond 10 years when they get regular exercise.
This makes them a worthy long-time pet and if an owner considers breeding them: Purebred Bull Dog puppies will fetch a fair price, as the breed was nearly extinct after the second world war and numbers are considerably lower than other breeds.

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