Big Mistakes Guys Do That Lower Their Good Chances With Women

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Many guys after doing preparations to meet up with a girl act like winners in front of the mirror in the comfort of their homes, but when in actual situation with a girl become like a jelly shaking on top of a platter.
Their efforts are useless.
If you are one of those guys or don't want to be like one.
It would be good to know these common mistakes to be more effective in relationship with women and avoid them to avoid relationship lapses in the future.
Preconceived negative thinking.
Many guys even before making personal efforts of winning a woman play the tape of rejection in their minds...
"What if this happens? What if I'm not going to be able to...
? What if she's gonna reject me?" One major thing that guys need to conquer first is the inner fear.
Confidence really is all about conquering the fear that is within.
Women can see fear in men's faces, and common logic says: How can one be a good man for a woman of the man fears the approach of the woman? Even if rejection comes, they should not be treated as the end.
If the guy really genuinely loves the woman, rejection can become stepping stones to become a better man.
Moving hastily.
Many men once they are in a relationship 'turbo boost'.
They become too happy that they do things zooming past their partners assuming the faster it is done for the woman, the more impressive it is.
Whether it is as simple as the first kiss, first hug, to more serious things such as a marriage proposal, lovemaking, or performing things that involve the spending of money and other resources.
Men should not neglect the importance of understanding women not just through their words but through their actions.
Many good women value grace - the not too slow not to fast principle.
Likewise when it comes to spending for women, at many occasions simple yet true efforts of understanding and compassion will do better than money costing gifts.

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