Speaking Out For You

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I am very guilty of saying what I think when I think it.
A recent experience has prompted me to write this article.
I shall mention no names or relationships.
I shall just tell you what happened.
The purpose is to show you the reader that you can speak your mind, you are entitled to speak your mind and air your views and opinions, and to give you the confidence to speak up next time you feel like you WANT to.
People tend to speak their mind in negative situations - an argument, a debate etc - when they feel they NEED to, usually to defend themselves.
The thing is, that we all have different opinions on different subjects - the world is a big place full of different people, and therefore there will be many times when our opinions don't necessarily match.
It is therefore alright to air YOUR opinions, just because you can! I'm not telling anyone to be loud mouthed or over opinionated, but to air their opinions in a way that makes the other person see what you are saying an why.
It doesn't need to be aggressive, and if done in the right way can be quite eloquent and very powerful.
Okay - the story.
I have been watching somebody closely recently on a social platform, this person promotes themselves in a way that makes them appear like a guru whom one's world should revolve around.
They post regularly, and their posts coupled with their photograph make them come across as extremely arrogant, egotistic and self centred.
One evening I noticed their post, and decided that I wanted to air my opinion and so I left a comment (not particularly eloquent or respectful I am ashamed to say) to make my point.
What followed was an extremely entertaining and highly charged volley of comments from the person concerned and their other social media "friends".
Needless to say, they were all supporting the person they were following and not me.
I was told I didn't know them, and that I was wrong, and that I should shut up - but I continued to make my point.
This person kept telling me that they did not have to justify or defend themselves to me, and yet they still kept going.
So I continued to air my opinion.
Whilst my conversation was going on, I had several - almost in double figures - new requests for friendship, from people who were social friends with this person, but felt the same way about them as I did.
They were all thanking me for my courage and for speaking out and telling me that my comments about this person were actually spot on.
I have actually gelled very nicely with a few of these new friends, and I am looking forward to learning from them and making a greater connection.
I wasn't aware that I had said anything particularly special or enlightening or that I had made a difference to anyone, but to these people I had done something very special, and it had helped them.
This gave me the confidence that speaking my mind had been the right thing to do, and also the inspiration to write this article and share it with people.
So you see, you CAN speak your mind with confidence, whenever you want to - it gives a freedom that allows you to glow.
Don't do it because you feel you need to, do it because you want to, just because you CAN.
Speak out for you!

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