Females In The World Of Web Design

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As a freelancer myself...
Here are a few of my thoughts on Females in the world of web design..
The moment someone mentions the phrase 'female web design' there's an awful temptation for some people to churn out comments along the lines of "does the website go offline once a month?", "its cookies will always remember everything you ever say, ever", and "you need to come with flowers if you haven't visited in a while".
Ha ha, and all that.
The truth is though that just as web design involves all of the dirty behind the scenes stuff such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3, so too does the world of web design have its behind the scenes secrets.
You see, what many people don't realise is that many of the leading web designers today are..
wait for it (drum roll please) - female! However, I should come clean here and admit that whilst many leading web developers are female, there are still many more male web designers/developers than female overall.
In fact the ratio is roughly three to one, although no one is really quite sure why this is.
Female's are in the minority in this field, despite the fact that there's no real reason why.
After all, it's not as though we female designers don't have the upper body strength to swing a mouse about.
Web development doesn't require a beard, at least not usually.
(Even here I know one or two females who'd still get in.
) Many of today's web design trends are increasingly focussed on usability and accessibility, with increasing numbers of us accessing the internet on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.
We're spending less time on each site, but more time hitting those sites, wanting information at our fingertips, wherever we are, whatever device we're using.
Like many other female web developers I keep my ear to the ground, picking up on the latest design trends.
That's both in terms of web development and shoes.
Perhaps that's part of the problem.
Until fairly recently it seemed that most of the 'noise' within the world of web design was made by, and about, the male designers.
Perhaps we female developers need to be a little more vocal.
Or perhaps we just need to keep churning out effective, stylish designs which take full advantage of the latest design trends.
Just don't expect to pay us in chocolate.
(At least, not exclusively.

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