Patio Exterior Decorating Plans

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    Mediterranean Villa

    • Decorate your patio as if it were outside a Mediterranean villa. Paint a mural on the wall: the deep blue Mediterranean Sea with whitecaps and a rocky coastline. Relax around an outdoor fireplace on white, wrought-iron furniture with thick blue and white striped cushions. Make a mosaic coffee table with vibrantly colored tiles or broken ceramics glued to an existing wooden or glass coffee table. Weldbond or E6000 craft glue are both good choices to create your mosaic. Fill in between the tiles or ceramic bits with grout, followed by a grout sealer.
      Plant tall juniper trees around the perimeter of the patio and fill groups of terra cotta planters with blooming flowers. To complete your plans for a Mediterranean villa style patio, add a water feature, preferably a free-standing fountain, gurgling peacefully in one corner.

    Country Garden

    • An explosion of plants and cozy, white wicker furniture are the basics for a country garden theme. Hang a trellis as a privacy barrier along one side of your patio or on the side of your house. Plant climbing, blooming vines, such as clematis or some varieties of hydrangea, beneath the trellis and train it to cover the trellis. In addition to the wicker, include a swing for two in your country garden plans. Select from brightly painted white wood or a more rustic Adirondack style. Add thick, colorful cushions made with outdoor fabrics to the swing and the wicker to make relaxing on your patio more enjoyable.

    Outdoor Kitchen

    • Transform your patio into an exterior kitchen with a pergola covering a built-in grill and prep area, complete with a sink, small refrigerator and counter space. A raised bar that's attached to the sink area allows you to mingle with friends and family while you're cooking. Teak dining and lounging furniture will hold up well on an outdoor patio. Sports lovers might enjoy an outdoor television hanging on the wall, and pizza lovers might add a brick, built-in oven. Decorate your outdoor kitchen with natural stone, such as granite countertops and slate tile floors.


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