How to Fight the Signs of Aging

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There's been much talk about refinance over the past few years, however, few people understand how refinancing works and why it can be beneficial.
When mortgage interest rates plummet, homeowners flock to refinance their mortgage, and naturally so.
The reasoning behind most refinance is that getting a lower interest rate will affect the long-term mortgage balance.
This is true, but it's not the only reason a person may choose to refinance.
There are quite a few good reasons why refinancing may be right for you.
Below are some of the most common reasons for refinancing and the benefits behind each reason: 1.
The homeowner wishes to negotiate a shorter term for their loan to pay it off more quickly and save money on the overall balance and interest.
Interest rates are lower than the original loan, and the homeowner wishes to take advantage of the lower rates while they're available.
NOTE:This is only beneficial if the homeowner plans to stay in their home a while after refinancing.
If they're planning to move within the next year or two, there's really no reason to refinance because of the fees incurred while refinancing.
The homeowner has an adjustable-rate mortgage and wishes to transfer to a fixed rate.
Although variable rates are often lower, there's no guarantee or stability.
With a fixed rate, the homeowner has peace of mind that the rate will remain the same throughout the years.
The homeowner needs extra cash to pay towards a large purchase such as home repairs, college tuition for their children, etc.
This can only be done if there is enough equity in the home.
The best ways to decide if refinancing is right for you is to consult a local mortgage center and / or research it online.
The Internet is a certainly a great place to commence research before making your decision.
There are many websites and online calculators available for free that will help you to determine if refinance really will be worth it for you.
If you feel it's not going to be worth the costs, but still would like to make changes to your mortgage terms, you can contact your current lender to find out if you have other options available.
Sometimes, the interest rate can be lowered or the payment modified - without refinancing.
Remember: Learn as many facts as possible before making your "big decision".
You'll save time and money in the future.
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