How to Fight the Signs of Aging

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There are 2 main reasons why we age.
One is because of intrinsic aging which can will affect everyone at some point depending on our genetic makeup.
The causes of Intrinsic are due to stress and can occur from slow, but progressive and irreversible tissue degeneration inside our body.
The second cause is extrinsic aging.
The factors of extrinsic are ultraviolet and infrared radiation.
The sun is the biggest of extrinsic but there is also environmental pollutants and wind have a hand in as well.
So how do we fight the signs of aging?? It is very important to have a well balanced diet and drink plenty of water (64 oz daily is best).
But there are other things we should be doing.
If you don't go to a licensed professional for skin care you should start there.
Just having a 30 minute facial regularly can do wonders for the skin.
The massaging of the face attracts flood flow to the surface of your skin and feeds the tissue to keep it strong and healthy.
Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment and most often is forgotten as a very beneficial tool.
It gently exfoliates the stratum corneum of skin which is the outer most layer of the skin causing new healthy tissue to come up to the surface.
It is great for enlarged pores and for any scarring like acne scarring.
Those are just 2 inexpensive and noninvasive treatments for do for your skin.
But what can you do at home everyday to protect and fight aging skin? Make sure that you are using a good skin care regime at home.
Look for antioxidants in your products.
Antioxidants offer the skin a photoprotection and anticarcinogenesis by eliminating free radicals on the skin.
They also block UV-induced inflammatory pathways.
Most common antioxidants are Vitamin C, E and green tea.
Vitamin A&E work together to provide protection to our tissue.
The second most important thing to use at home is SUNSCREEN! At least an spf of 25 is recommended.
It's not too late to start taking care of your skin and fight the signs of aging!

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