Use mobile devices safely

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Our love of everything mobile has ensured the use of mobile devices continues to grow unabated.

With these devices being used daily for both professional and personal use, many of them will most likely contain information that needs to be protected, be it our own personal information, or if the device is provided for business use, sometimes important and sensitive company data. With the expansion of the mobile device market however, there has also been a massive growth in the amount of mobile malware, with thieves seeing these devices as an easy target from which to steal data and easier to gain access to than a company network.

So how do you ensure your staff use these devices safely so that whilst they have the flexibility to work on the move, any data on the device is secure?

Firstly, you need to make sure that you have a robust security position with company policies and procedures clearly documenting how the company will use such devices. Make sure that if required, formal standards such as ISO27001 are complied with, when developing appropriate policies and procedures.

Secondly, you need to provide your staff with appropriate computer security training that should clearly articulate the policies and procedures you expect staff to adhere to at all times, whilst also giving them practical advice on the safe and secured use of mobile devices.

An IT security awareness course that relates specifically to the use of mobile devices, will help focus the mind of the user on the safe usage of such a device, but can also be used to reinforce your company position when using these devices. Be clear of your company position relating to the use of personal devices in the workplace and work devices being used for personal usages to help ensure the security of the information and client data that you hold.

With the International Telecoms Union predicting last year that mobile subscriptions would surpass seven billion in early 2014, meaning there are probably now more mobile subscriptions than people in the world, you cannot afford to avoid having a robust security policy relating to these devices.

Do not let your staff fall victim to a mobile malware attack – be sure that your staff is provided with the skills to help them use their mobile devices safely with an effective computer security training course. With such course, they will be eligible to maximize the safety of their mobile phones and data.

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