How Do You Know If Your Ex Will Come Back?

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Has your partner left you before you're ready to say goodbye? So many relationships break apart because one person decided they didn't want to try anymore.
I know how it feels to be beaten down by a break up and wondering if you'll ever see the light of day.
Right now you're probably at one of your lowest lows and wishing your ex would call and express their regrets for leaving.
In a way, you feel like you've been lied to and everything you've been planning for the future, is gone in an instant.
So is there any hope left? Will your ex come back? Can you make them change their mind? It's hard to say what your ex will do and every relationship is different.
However there are strong evidence to suggest that chances of reconciliation is very possible as couples reunite all the time.
We make mistakes and some time down the road, we learn to forgive and make up.
From observation and experience, here are some clues as to the possibility of your ex coming back to you: Young people are more likely to break up and make up.
This is because young people are still discovering who they are and what they're going to do with their life.
They're much more driven by their emotions and without much life experience behind them yet, they tend to be more sponanteous in their decision making.
It's also true that most break ups occur around early 20s; which is incidentally around the time when people start going out more and meeting new people.
Although break ups are more frequent, there's also a strong chance of reconciliation later on down the road.
The key phrase being 'later on down the road'.
Sometimes we need to experience and try a few people on before we go back to the first one that had our heart.
For a couple where the break up occurred suddenly, there's also a great chance of reconciliation as long as the dumpee deals with the situation in a mature and unobtrusive manner.
Usually when a break up comes out of the blue, there's much more going on underneath the surface, often the problem lies in over-clinginess, neediness or over-controlling behaviours.
You might mistake your actions as being loving, where your partner might see them as suffocating.
Reconciliation in this instance can come about by the dumpee understanding the problem issues and fixing them before their ex moves on and away.

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