How I Lost More Than 40 Pounds In Less Than Seven Weeks - The Revolutionary Fat Burning Method!

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The most common excuse for overweight people is; "I can't lose weight, I have a very slow metabolism...
" just like how I used to be.
Well, if hours on the treadmill plus starving yourself didn't work for you just like they didn't work on me; I have something completely different and revolutionary for you.
One word: Guaranteed.
You are absolutely guaranteed to both lose weight and adapt a new, much healthier lifestyle with this method.
It has to do with muscles, which nobody considers when it comes to fat loss.
Just like most people are, they are wrong.
Muscles have an incredible effect of burning your fat crazily, all day, without you doing anything.
Here is how it works.
Building muscles...
not as in the training to build muscles, but the actual process of your body producing muscles and putting them on your body...
requires an incredible amount of energy.
Which is not hard to understand - your body is building something that is simply not there in the beginning.
Like everything else your body builds, muscles are also built purely from energy and calories.
The best part is that...
muscles get built while you are RESTING.
In resistance training (that builds muscles) you are doing high intensity / very short duration exercises, which - by themselves - don't really require a lot of energy.
What they do, however...
is to instruct your body to build muscles while you are resting.
An 15-minute resistance training exercise...
essentially sends this message to your body: "Hey! I want my muscles here, here and here to get stronger.
Start putting them on, you lazy bum!" What your body does, then, is to start repairing and rebuilding that muscle while you are resting.
If you are in an even diet without any calorie deficit (that just maintains your current weight, usually 2000 cal for women, 3000 cal for men)...
This is going to create some BIG deficit because all the energy required for creating / feeding new muscles...
is going to come DIRECTLY from your stored fat deposits - where else? All of what you are eating goes towards maintaining your body, so they can't be used.
Your body has to call in energy from fat deposits.
This is absolutely the best way of losing weight - I tell you, it is amazing.
But, when you think about it, it has to work, because it makes so much sense! I lost incredible weight with this - and so can you.

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