How to Identify an Irish Wolfhound

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    • 1). Look at the general appearance of the Irish Wolfhound. This is a very tall breed. It is also very muscular. Males should not be less than 32 inches tall and should weigh 120 pounds or more. Females should not be less than 30 inches tall and should weigh 105 pounds or more.

    • 2). Make sure the skull is not too wide. The muzzle should be long and rather pointed. The ears are small and are carried much like a Greyhound’s ears. The long neck is strong and muscular, with a good arch to it and leads to a wide, deep chest. There is no dewlap.

    • 3). Make sure the shoulders are muscular and are well angulated. The rear thighs are muscular, and the second thigh is very long and strong. The round feet are large, leading to arched toes. The toes are close together. The long tail has a slight curve to it.

    • 4). Pet the rough coat. It should feel hard and wiry. The coat is either gray, red, black, brindle, pure white or fawn.


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