Easy and Effective Suggestions to Write Good Subject Lines

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Those who've been around for a while understand that subject lines play a major role in the success and/or failure of email marketing campaigns.
With these three tips, you too can write those excellent click pulling subject lines.
Light a fire for your subscribers by creating a sense of urgency or scarcity.
Nobody wants to lose on a good offer and when you show your readers that it is there for a limited time, they won't waste much time to open your email and read.
This subject line is a huge "call to action" for your list.
For a time sensitive offer, when you're telling your subscribers that immediate action is needed, clicking becomes the next logical step for them to take.
Skilled copywriters are excellent at creating that driving sense of scarcity and demand for their products.
They know for a fact that if someone is interested in acting upon the offer, they won't pass it on if they see that it's not going to last forever.
Besides that, every email that you send out doesn't have to carry an urgency factor.
In fact, you should only do it when you genuinely mean it, because if you write the same kind of subject line every time, it will lose meaning and purpose, which will obviously affect the overall results.
Include the words "here" and "this" whenever possible in your subject lines.
These are two very powerful motivators for people to read the email because they've been conditioned to respond to these words.
For example, if I write in my subject line something like, "This Will Change Your Life...
" or "Here's the Secret You've Been Looking for...
" - what kind of feeling does that bring to you when you read it? Now you have it! When you can get an emotional response from your readers, the rewards for you are much better.
This won't work however, if the email doesn't live up to the promise made in the subject line.
Try these power words on for size and see what an improvement they make in your open rate.
Let your readers know that this is something new, like a breaking news report, if you're promoting a new or fresh product.
Use the fact that people enjoy trying new things first to your advantage.
An example of this would be, "Announcing the Version 2.
0 of XYZ - Even More Powerful".
You'll get two benefits from this subject line; your reader will know about the new product and is being invited to open up the email to learn more.
This articles shows just how important subject lines can be for the success of your email campaign as well as why you need to focus on them for each and ever email you send your list.
It's true that the subject line is only one small part of an effective email marketing strategy; but that doesn't change the fact that it is a vital part of it.

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